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CTA Ltd are an adhesive tapes supplier in the West Midlands, UK. We provide a wide range of adhesive tape types, including high bond foamed acrylic tapes, high performance tapes, thick double-sided tapes, thin double-sided tapes, single-sided tapes, hook & loop, re-closable fasteners and converted products, such as die cut.

Browse our range of adhesive tapes below and click the links for more information on the specific adhesive tapes we supply, many of which are available for online purchase.

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adhesive tapes - structural acrylic tape

6000 Series of Adhesive Tapes: Very high performance acrylic tapes

All adhesive tapes in our 6000 series are very high performance and can be used for demanding applications across various industries. Features include high temperature ratings (up to 220°C), high shear, and the ability to bond in both interior and exterior applications.

The 6000 series of foamed acrylic adhesive tapes can be used with high surface energy (HSE) materials, such as aluminium, and low surface energy (LSE) materials, such as polyolefin plastics.  The 6000 series consists of our strongest adhesive tapes, all with a distinctive red filmic liner.

 5000 Series of Adhesive Tapes: Thick double-sided tapesadhesive tapes - double-sided foam tape.

Our 5000 Series of tapes is a comprehensive range of quality foam-based adhesive tapes in a range of thicknesses and from high to low density. This range of adhesive tapes includes solvent acrylic, emulsion acrylic or hotmelt on both sides for each specific application.  The strongest adhesive tapes in the 5000 series are our CTA 5175 tapes, with a solvent acrylic adhesive and which has a distinctive green filmic liner. The rest of our 5000 series of adhesive tapes have either white or amber liners.

NOTE:  Some applications involve difficult to bond surfaces, where the need to increase the surface tension and the ability to bond a given surface is required.  We strongly recommend our CTA Primer or our unique UV Primer as an addition to your application.

4000 Series of Adhesive Tapes: Thin double-sided tapesadhesive tapes - thin double-sided tape

Our 4000 series of adhesive tapes is our largest group of thin double-sided tapes and includes tissue, PVC, scrim and perm peel. Most have either a white or amber liner. Use our product selector guide to see which adhesive tapes suit your application needs or contact us for more information.

NOTE:  If you are looking for the strongest of our thin double-sided tapes, look at our CTA 6105 (0.25mm thick), which has a similar price bracket to the 4000 series, but has similar features to the high performance 6000 series. It also has a distinctive red liner.

For any other variation or specific requirements please contact us.

NOTE:  Preparation is the key to a great bond and maintaining that bond. Always ensure substrates are clean, free from dust, dirt or grease. Even handling substrates can transfer natural residues from your skin.  Brand new substrates are not necessarily clean; they will have a residue and this can impact on the performance of your bond.  We recommend using an isopropyl alcohol-based product (that evaporates) to clean surfaces before applying tape or adhesive. See our CTA IPA Cleaner Degreaser for more information.

3000 Series of Adhesive Tapes: Single-sided tapes

Our 3000 series of adhesive tapes are self explanatory and do what they say in their description. These adhesive tapes include single-sided tapes for different purposes.

 7000 Series of Adhesive Tapes: Hook & Loop

adhesive tapes - hook and loop tape

8000 Series of Adhesive Tapes: Re-Closable fasteners

 Converted tape products

Converted tape products are pieces of foamed adhesive tapes cut or “die cut” for the purpose of individual application. These include simple 25mm dia circles on a thin single-sided cloth tape, to intricate shapes with cut-out pieces that fit a specific item, such as a circuit board or machine.

Send us your drawing (if you have one) and a tool can be made just for you. Talk to us about your application and with our technical knowledge, we will advise the product to suit your application and manufacture your die cuts. Contact us for more information.

For free technical advice on adhesive tapes, do not hesitate to contact us via the yellow chatbox, fill out our online contact form, email us at [email protected], or call us directly on +44 (0) 121 378 2909.

We supply adhesive tapes to a diverse range of industries and for various purposes. These include signage, point of sale, plastic moulding, metal fabrication, construction, automotive manufacturing, furniture building, recycling companies, and much more.

Many of our adhesive tapes are manufactured in the UK and we are proud to be supporting UK industry.