Aluminium adhesive

Aluminium adhesive is now available from CTA. With in our Two Part Structural Acrylic range of adhesives we have several products which are suitable to bond or glue Aluminium together. This range is also capable of bonding Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanised and glue many more types of metals. As you can see from the diagram that our Aluminium adhesive can be easily and neatly applied within a relatively small surface area to achieve a fantastic bond.
Aluminium adhesive

Aluminium adhesive product range

Open times vary from 4 – 50 minutes

Aluminium adhesive applications

We supply into various industries such as Industrial, Construction, Marine, Automotive and Transportation. When needing to bond or glue aluminium in any industry, for example: In construction and architectural cladding; our Aluminium adhesives are ideal for Butt Joint or top hat sections. In Industrial applications such as signage, our aluminium adhesives can be used when construction aluminium light boxes.

Aluminium adhesive Composition

A Methyl Methacrylate is basically the methyl ester of methacrylate acid. It’s primary use is to manufacture a number of different plastics, but is also the main ingredient in a range of adhesives products. Methacrylate adhesives are supplied in a two part system, that when mixed offer a controlled cure speed suited to the application. The cured adhesive can offer incredibly high tensile, shear and peel strength, whilst also resisting impact loads at both elevated and sub zero temperatures. This unique chemistry is unrivaled in its ultimate combination of convenience, ease of use and superior mechanical strengths for bonding engineered plastics, composites, aluminium and other metal bonding.

When using Two part structural adhesives it is always best to clean and prepare the surfaces prior to bonding them. If you are looking for an aluminium or metal glue or adhesive supplier in the UK, then please contact our technical department for more information?

Central tapes and adhesives ltd also offer a range of Structural Tapes which are capable of structurally bonding Aluminium, Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanised and many more types of metals.

This also includes a range of pre and post powder coat tapes:

If you need an Aluminium adhesive or Tape please contact us for more technical advice