Structural acrylic tapes

Structural acrylic tapes have typical mixtures of acrylic polymers, which are inherently pressure sensitive adhesives.  This range of structural foamed acrylic tapes completes our high strength bonding range.  There are many advantages of using foamed acrylic tapes as apposed to traditional mechanical fixings, our high bond tapes have excellent wet out properties and are unaffected by ageing and UV (no discolouration).  In addition they allow for even stress distribution over the full bond area and also when bonding dissimilar materials these products allow for thermal expansion.

Our 6000 series is predominantly suitable for internal as well as external applications due to its thickness and excellent elongation.  It is capable of absorbing shock and vibrations,  the firm acrylic mass has a extreme internal strength.  Available in various colours and thicknesses with a unique ability to bond various substrates such as metals, plastics, glass and more challenging applications.

6000 Series

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