Non flammable activator 75

Hernon® EF Accelerator is a low toxicity, non flammable, non combustible, non ozone depleting, low volatile organic compound (VOC).  It is an accelerator, which improves instant adhesive fixture and curing performance.  Non flammable activator 75 is Eco friendly.  Through careful, meticulous Research and Development, our expert team of engineers, programmers, chemists and chemical engineers eliminate Continue reading

Ammunition adhesive and sealant equipment

Ammunition adhesive and sealant equipment manufactured by Hernon Manufacturing the leader in this industry and distributed by CTA Ltd the UK & European technical specialists and distributors for Hernon. Ammunition adhesive and sealant equipment benefits • Versatility of working with high number of different calibers with easy tooling exchange within 30-60 minutes per caliber. • Continue reading

Ammunition adhesives and sealants

Ammunition adhesives and sealants have become increasingly more sophisticated and Hernon Manufacturing has long been a leader in this industry. Custom military applications are the root of Hernon’s existence.  The ammunition industry face the same concerns as other industries regarding sustainability and ecological responsibility in an environment of increased competition.  Ammunition adhesives and sealants available Continue reading