Pre Powder Coat Seam Sealer Adhesive 16002

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CTA’s innovative pre powder coat seam sealer adhesives look good and cut costs. Buy 12 packs or trial kits.

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Seam Sealer 16002

CTA 16002 pre powder coat seam sealer is a high temperature white sealant adhesives, designed to cope with powder coat temperatures.  These are readily available from us here in the UK and from our key distributors around the world.  This unique product has been designed to air dry and be passed through the oven bake cycle, whilst simultaneously the powder is being applied (i.e. one pass through the powder coat oven).  The advanced technology of these products are moisture curing with the added advantage of being solvent free. Please note:  are no longer heat curing adhesive sealants. They can also be put back through the oven multiple times if required.

Pre powder coat seam sealer 16002 has been designed to cope with a typical paint bake cycle of around 45 minutes at 180°C.  However, seam sealers will cope with up  200°C / 392°F short term.

Many of our industrial customers have found that the high temperature capabilities of these products have enabled the reduction of welding and process time within the factory, therefore saving time and money.

If a pre-treatment process is currently used, 16002 must be fully cured beforehand. The seam sealers need to be fully cured prior to entering the oven.

Laboratory tested for suitability:

16002 up to 180°C (short term 200°C / 392°F up to 45mins)

  • Customer approval at the fore mentioned temperatures
  • Once air dried, just a single pass through the oven required.
  • No pre-baking required
  • Always ensure sealant is fully cured prior to any pre treatments or degreasing processes.
  • Average skin over time is 20 minutes
  • White in colour

Please read our case study pre powder coat seam sealer.

16002 pre powder coat seam sealer – white


CTA 16002 is a high temperature, moisture curing solvent free adhesive. It was designed specifically to cope with pre treatment or degreasers, which are often applied to parts prior to being put through an oven bake cycle.


16002 Powder Coat Adhesive

Our extensive tests proved that 16002 powder coat adhesive seam sealer once put in place and air dried, it is then possible to spray degreasers prior to being put through the oven bake cycle.

  • This adhesive holds parts together whilst being pre treated and put through the powder coat oven cycle at 180°C for up to 45 minutes.
  • We recommend you check the temperature of your oven and simply turn it down for great results.
  • Non Hazardous, Environmentally friendly, safe to use
  • Unregulated making shipping costs low
  • CTA 16002 is a 290ml cartridge and white in colour.

Application of Pre powder coat seam sealer 16002 white:

This adhesive seals joint seams and holds parts together when put through the powder coat over cycle at 180°C (short term 200°C up to 45 minutes).


CTA16002 is often used by paint and powder companies when preparing aluminium panels for automotive, construction and manufacturing industries in general. Panels can be bonded together with this adhesive more quickly than traditional methods. Stainless steel stiffeners can be confidently bonded to panels prior to paint cycles within the cladding and commercial facade industry.

High temperature sealants are a versatile and more attractive solution to many costly production processes. If you would like to discuss your specific application in more details or want more information on CTA’s pre powder coat seam sealer and adhesive range, please contact us. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Both products bond the same component types and are used in the same industries.  Why not purchase one of our trial kits and try both products to see which one works best for your application?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via the yellow chatbox, fill out our online contact form, email us at [email protected] or call us directly on +44 (0) 121 378 2909.

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