pre powder coat seam sealer case study

15002 Pre powder coat seam sealer case study

Please note that the 15002 pre powder coat seam sealer referenced below is now superseded by our high-performing 16002 version. The application and method of use remain the same.

CTA 15002 is a single part heat curing adhesive in a convenient 310ml cartridge, developed to aid the paint and powder coating industry.  The following is a case study highlighting the benefits of using a pre powder coat seam sealer .

COE Orchard Equipment make the switch from paint to powder

In 2010 a US manufacturer of tree shakers and bulk handling equipment, COE Orchard Equipment, made the switch from paint to powder.  Benefits include increased durability, higher coating efficiency and reduced cost.  COE manufacture and ship equipment world wide to meet harvesting needs for crops such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans and olives along with stone fruit such as peaches, prunes and cherries.

Since going from paint to powder, COE have increased their efficiency as a manufacturer, working to reduce labour and improve processes which have allowed them to meet rising demands for their products.  One of the largest growing products is the S7 shaker (for almonds and walnuts).  The S7 “cab” requires over 12,700mm (500″) of weld, a large amount is sealing weld to maintain sanitation in the cab.  After looking at other solutions like silicone and mastic sealants which are not suitable, a search then lead COE to Central Tapes & Adhesives Ltd and our innovative and technologically advanced product, CTA 15002 pre powder coat seam sealer.

After a brief testing period with CTA 15002, COE quickly realised its potential to be a viable solution.  Our heat curing adhesive allowed the customer to reduce the total amount of weld in the cab from 12,700mm (500″) to 6,096mm (240 “).  The 6,096mm is required for the structural strength of the cab and the remainder of the seam is now sealed with CTA 15002 pre powder coat seam sealer.  With the welding process halved, it has saved a considerable amount of labour costs.  COE are extremely pleased with the new process, given its cost saving and improved production and process time.

As a premium product manufacturer, COE Orchard Shakers want to achieve the best finish possible.  Whilst pre-heating the cab frame and components in order to expunge oil and contaminates, it was also an opportunity to apply, cure the sealant and apply the powder coat simultaneously.  Due to its convenient packaging in a handy 310ml cartridge it can be quickly and easily applied in minutes with no additional steps required and only one pass through the oven has been a great advantage to COE.

15002 Pre powder coat seam sealer case study

Pictured above is an example of a 3.175mm (1/8″) gap between the firewall and the main frame of the S7.  The sealant covers the gap and holds its position in the oven; it is paste-like and non-sagging and creates a hard, durable and lasting seal.

In some cases, COE say they have even used our product as a body filler over panel flaws.

Shown below is a before and after shot of the top right hand corner of the cab.  You can see, COE have used CTA 15002 adhesive sealant.  In this application, the main frame is 4.77mm (.188″) to 25.4mm (1″) thick mild steel.  Therefore, in order to cure the thickest part, this means that parts such as the cab are in the oven for 25-30 minutes longer than needed for powder cure.  CTA 15002 does not discolour or deform from being in the oven longer than necessary, thus allowing more flexibility in use.

15002 Pre powder coat seam sealer case study

15002 Pre powder coat seam sealer case study

The next image is an area where the sealant will not be covered by insulation or by trim.  Due to the high quality finish and the ability to retain the finish, COE have no hesitation in leaving these parts exposed.  Had this been previous silicone or mastic they would have eventually discoloured, looked unprofessional or simply disintegrated in the oven.

15002 Pre powder coat seam sealer case study


In the images below, you can see the completed cab.  With the use of the sealant and cab pressurisation it allows for the cab to be a clean location in a dusty work environment.  COE pride themselves in manufacturing equipment that meets the needs of the grower, techs and operators.

15002 Pre powder coat seam sealer case study

15002 Pre powder coat seam sealer case study


We hope you have enjoyed reading this case study on the use of our 15002 pre powder coat seam sealer.  We are pleased to print the testimonial below, showing that COE recommends CTA 15002 to other manufacturers with similar needs.

“The ease of use, low reactivity and quality of CTA 15002 has made a valuable addition to our equipment and a huge cost saving to COE Orchard Equipment”

Bob – Lead Engineer at COE Orchard Equipment

The referenced product CTA 15002 pre powder coat seam sealer has been superseded by our high-performing CTA 16002 pre powder coat seam sealer

You can see a case study of another practical use of the new product here: Sealing gaps before powder coating

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