Composite GRP Adhesive 25-5

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This odour-free adhesive is often used to bond GRP, FRP, composites, metals, plastics and more.

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Composite GRP adhesive 25-5 is a new, innovative polyurethane adhesive system developed by CTA. This adhesive is often used to bond GRP, FRP, composites, metals, plastics and many other materials. This product It is conveniently packaged into a two-part cartridge system, allowing easy application. It has a short open time that enables faster curing times. Composite GRP adhesive 25-5 is mixed through a quadro nozzle to ensure accurate mixing is achieved.

25-5: 2 (two part adhesive), 5-5 (polyeurethance, two parts)

Benefits of composite GRP adhesive 25-5

Polyurethane adhesives are becoming more popular due to their environmental attributes, compared to other products currently available. Look at the advantages:Composite GRP adhesive 25-5 - Reinforced Polyurethane Adhesive

  • Odour free
  • No shrinkage
  • Ease of application

For more information about composite GRP adhesive 25-5 and the environment, visit fibreglass adhesive glue.

Composite adhesive product information

Composite GRP adhesive 25-5 has been specifically designed to bond GRP composite materials within many different industries, such as industrial fiberglass moldings, marine and automotive. The advantage of using reinforced GRP polyurethane adhesive is to speed up the curing and production time when manufacturing GRP moldings. This reinforced GRP polyurethane adhesive will structurally bond gel-coat and fiber side, enabling less work in progress on the shop floor.

How to apply composite GRP adhesive 25-5

Our composite GRP adhesive 25-5 has a working time of 4-6 minutes and a cure time of 12-15 minutes at 20°C. Before dispensing, ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and free of any dirt, dust and grease. For the best results, we recommend using CTA IPA Cleaner Degreaser.

  • Use sufficient pressure over the whole surface at room temperature to ensure maximum adhesion to substrates.
  • The ideal application temperature is between 21 – 40°C.
  • Elevated temperature following application (60°C for 1 hour) improves adhesion wet-out.
  • Primers can increase the bond performance and surface tension. We recommend CTA Primer or CTA UV Identifiable Primer to achieve the best results.
  • Ensure uniform stress distribution.

For more information, read our two part adhesives FAQs and guide to surface preparation for adhesives and best working practice.

Purchasing information

Our composite GRP adhesive 25-5 is available in neutral colour, in 50ml and 400ml, for use with manual or pneumatic applicator guns and nozzles. If a larger volume is required, we are able to supply 20 litre pails and 200 litre drums, which also require bulk dispensing units. Trial kits are also available for this product. For more information, please contact us. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via the yellow chatbox, fill out our online contact form, email us at or call us directly on +44 (0) 121 378 2909.


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