Toughened epoxy resin 2605

Toughened epoxy resin 2605 is an epoxy adhesive and part of our structural bonding range. Capable of bonding metals, engineered plastics and composites together. Combined with high temperature resistance, tensile and shear performance. This type of toughened epoxy is a great alternative to the well known epoxy resins, adhesives or glues such as Araldite etc.

2605 has a 5 minute working life with a 12 minute fixture time. it is available in 50ml, 400ml for use with manual or pneumatic applicators. If larger volume is required then 20 Litre pails and 200 litre drums are available. The later two options require bulk dispensing units. (Please contact us for more information)

See also our 2605 25ml syringe

Colour: Clear / Black

Toughened epoxy resin 2605 applications

This product is often specified when bonding a variety of surfaces i.e. worktop joints, glass and plastic components.

Toughened epoxy resin 2605 is a typical two part systems (a hardener and a resin) that when mixed will solidify due to polymerisation. This chemistry is very stable and can be modified and filled with ease, allowing us to attain a wide variety of cured attributes from a single base product (for example silver can be added to attain conductivity, quartz fillers can be added to improve impact resistance). This versatile chemistry produces typically long open times and rigid bonds, and is available in a range of viscosities from flowable liquids to thixotropic pastes.

Central Tapes & Adhesives Ltd have a comprehensive range of epoxy glues, epoxy resins and alternatives to other manufacturers’ epoxies. If you have any application where you need to bond metals or plastics together then please contact us to discuss you application.

When using toughened epoxy resin 2605 it is always best to clean and prepare the surfaces prior to bonding them.