How much adhesive do I need?



How much glue do I need?    How much adhesive will I get out of a cartridge?

These are the most common questions asked of our technical team here at CTA. Below you will find a quick reference guide to the most popular cartridge and bulk formats used to dispense different adhesives. When dispensing or applying adhesives, you will most likely apply a linear bead. Depending on your application this could be differing greatly in volume and rate of delivery. We have calculated volumes and therefore lengths of the most commonly used beads per tube, cartridge or pail of adhesive. This will help you to answer the question “How much adhesive do I need?”

Bead length chart for CTA Adhesive products

Use the above chart to determine the approximate bead length for any CTA cartridge, tube or bulk application in comparison to the bead profile. To calculate the cost of adhesive per part produced, divide the cost per cartridge (or price per gallon for the bulk applications) by the appropriate bead length given above, and then multiply by the length of the bond line on the part.

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