Non flammable activator 75

Hernon® EF Accelerator is a low toxicity, non flammable, non combustible, non ozone depleting, low volatile organic compound (VOC).  It is an accelerator, which improves instant adhesive fixture and curing performance.  Non flammable activator 75 is Eco friendly.  Through careful, meticulous Research and Development, our expert team of engineers, programmers, chemists and chemical engineers eliminate hazardous and explosive solvent adhesives to reduce our impact on the earth and increase the safety of our products.


Typical Applications

EF Accelerator 75 is used to provide curing on inactive surfaces, speed the cure on active surfaces and increase the curing speed between bonding surfaces.  Also good for Hernon’s Instantbond and Quantum products

Non flammable activator 75

Directions for use

Apply adhesive to one of the surfaces to be bonded and assemble parts.   Apply Accelerator 75 over all exposed adhesive by spray or by drop. (Use one drop of activator per one drop of exposed adhesive) Surface Activation.  Apply one coating of Accelerator to the area to be bonded by spray, brush or dipping. Contaminated surfaces may need special cleaning or degreasing prior to activation to remove any soluble contamination.  Allow the solvent time to evaporate until the surfaces are completely dry (approx. 30- seconds).  Apply the Cyanoacrylate product immediately after drying or not more than 45 seconds thereafter.  Activator can be re-applied if necessary if there is a delay of more than 45 seconds between original activator and adhesive application.

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