Automotive foam tape 6118

Automotive foam tape 6118 is a high performance double sided grey tape suitable for various demanding automotive applications.  At only 0.8mm thick it allows for deviations in the substrates and surfaces being bonded.  It is an extremely diverse product with a high initial tack, particularly when a permanent high strength is required.  Perfect for attaching trim parts or seals to a car body, automotive panel bonding and badge mounting, a viable alternative to mechanical fixings i.e. welding, clipping and screwing.  6118 has the ability to cope with differing thermal expansions.


Standard size available to purchase online:Acrylic-grey-automotive-tape

Sold as single rolls

12mm x 33m

19mm x 33m

25mm x 33m

(0.8mm thickness)

Contact us for technical information such as slit widths, die cuts or to discuss your application.

Automotive foam tape 6118 application

Automotive tape and adhesive

Prior to application of Automotive foam tape 6118, the surfaces should be made dry and free of any dirt, dust and grease with the use of CTA IPA cleaner / degreaser.  Use sufficient pressure over the whole surface at room temperature to ensure maximum adhesion to substrates. Ideal application temperature is between 21 – 40°C.  Elevated temperature following application (60°C for 1 hour) improves adhesion wetout.  Ensure uniform stress distribution.


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