Two part structural adhesive 2105

Two part structural adhesive 2105 is much more than just a metal glue, our CTA 2105 is a versatile acrylic adhesive and part of our structural bonding range. Capable of bonding metals to metals (aluminium, steel etc), engineered plastics and composites together. Combined with high temperature resistance, tensile and shear performance. Our two part acrylic (2 part acrylic) range is also capable of filling gaps up to 10mm whilst maintaining it’s structural strength and characteristics. If you require steel adhesive or steel glue suppliers to bond aluminium, or any other types of metal, please contact CTA today.Two part structural adhesive 2105.

2105 has a 5 minute working life with a 12 minute fixture time. it is available in 50ml, 400ml for use with manual or pneumatic applicators. If larger volume is required then 20 Litre pails and 200 litre drums are available. The later two options require bulk dispensing units. (Please contact us for more information on two-part adhesive dispensing)

Standard sizes and colour available to purchase online:

12 x 50ml Neutral (1 Box)

12 x 400ml Neutral (1 Box)

Contact us to discuss variations on colour, size, product or to speak with our technical team to discuss your application.


Also available

CTA 2120 (12 minute working life with a 20 minute fixture time)

CTA 2150 (50 minute working life with a 80 minute fixture time)

Application of this two part structural adhesive

This product is often specified when needing to bond or glue various metal joints together in architectural cladding applications. It is used extensively as a metal to metal glue or steel to steel or aluminium to aluminium adhesive. Also suitable for composites or metal brackets to GRP / FRP composite structures. For bonding metal to composites, our Two part structural adhesive 2105 obtains a higher sheer strength than the composite layers, therefore achieving a structural bond between the metal and the composite panel. We are one of the few specialist UK adhesive companies who offer such a large range of metal bonding products.

A Methyl Methacrylate is the methyl ester of methacrylate acid. Its primary use is to manufacture a number of different plastics, but it is also the main ingredient in a range of adhesive products. Methacrylate adhesives are supplied in a two part system that, when mixed, offer a controlled cure speed suited to the application. The cured adhesive can offer incredibly high tensile, shear and peel strength, whilst also resisting impact loads at both elevated and sub zero temperatures. This unique chemistry of our 2 part structural adhesive 2105 is unrivalled in its ultimate combination of convenience, ease of use and superior mechanical strength. Use for bonding engineered plastics, composites, steel, aluminium and other alloys.

When using two part structural adhesive 2105 it is always best to clean and prepare the surfaces prior to bonding them. If you are looking for a reliable aluminium, steel, composite or metal glue supplier in the UK, then please contact our technical department for more information on Central Tapes & Adhesives Two part structural adhesive 2105.

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NOTE:  To use this adhesive you will need a nozzle and an application gun, available to purchase below along with our adhesive

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