High temperature film tape 3150

High temperature film tape 3150 is a translucent polyester film based tape coated with a silicone polyester thermostable adhesive system.  CTA 3150 has excellent temperature performance of +180°C and is UL Approved.  Translucent colours available are clear, green, red and blue.  It is available in a range of widths and 66 metres in length. This thermostable polyester film is easy to remove in one piece and does not leave a residue.

High temperature film tape 3150 applications

CTA 3150 was manufactured to mask off areas which are not required to be coated during the powder coating process as a protection from paint overspray.  It is also used for wrapping of cast resin capacitors, transformer coil, layer and final insulation along with printed circuit board masking during etching and soldering.


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High Temperature Film Tape 3150

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We recommend using a Micro lint free cloth along with our IPA Cleaner degreaser to prepare a surface before bonding to ensure it is clean and free from dust, dirt and grease both available from CTA

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