Magnetic tape

Magnetic tape is a flexible material that allows the following of gentle contours and curves. It is supplied in various sized rolls, differing in grades of adhesive backing from standard to premium to suit your application.  Magnetic tape will attach nearly any material to a metal surface and is used widely in Industrial, Manufacturing and in the Home or Office.  The tape is ideal for exhibition displays, removable signs, magnetic seals, hanging window coverings, hanging artwork, removable access panels, labelling and much more. Make anything magnetic with this high quality flexible rubber magnetic tape, simply peel off the backing film and stick to the desired surface.

Magnetic tape

Standard size available to purchase online:

Sold in single rolls

Magnetic tape premium grade 25mm x 1.5mm x 30m


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Adhesive backing:  Premium – Solvent acrylic

Magnetic tape technical specifications

Tape upon tape attraction is possible for maximum pull forces.  Across the width of the tape, the polarity changes every 2mm in a  north, south, north, south (polarity A, Polarity B recurring) pattern.  Therefore, you will have around seven poles in a 12.5mm wide tape.  Adhesive magnetic tape is able to align upon magnetic tape with a slight offset by one pose width.  A magnetic tape does try to resist being dragged across the width of another magnetic tape but will more easily slide along the length of another tape due to the pole patterns in magnetic tapes.

What is Type “A” and “B”? The “A and “B” refers to the polarity, type “A” will stick to type “B” where as Type “A” on Type “A” or Type “B” on Type “B” would repell each other.  Both Type “A” and Type “B” are perfectly fine if being stuck to a metal or magnetic receptive material.

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Order Magnetic tape Magnetic tape Premium 25mm x 30m @ £24.32