Tape and adhesive product selector

Are you looking for an easy way to drill down to the product you require? At Central Tapes, we understand that you may be confused with the range of solutions on offer, so to point you in the right direction we have provided the flowchart below.

If you’re still not sure then why not give us a call? We’re happy to discuss your requirements and call on our experience to help you get the right product.


1. Start at the black bubble and follow the path until you get to an end bubble.

tape and adhesive selector

2. Click on the matching link below to go directly to the product page.

1000 series cyanoacrylate PU adhesive sealant

1000 series polyurethane / MS polymer wood glue

1000 series UV curing silicone

2000 series structural adhesive range

2000 series GRP bonder

4000 series thin double sided tape

5000 series thick double sided foam tape

6000 series structural acrylic tape

6000 series clear foamed acrylic

6000 series structural acrylic tape

If you would like to discuss an adhesive or tape application further please contact us or use the chat box to talk with an advisor.