Motorsport adhesives

Motorsport adhesives have progressed significantly over the years and with the ever-evolving, fast paced motorsport industry, adhesives have had to step up.  We pride ourselves on supplying quality products that are right for your application and backed up with knowledge and experience in your industry.   The motorsport industry has always been ahead of the game in advanced technology, motivated by the desire to decrease weight and increase component strength. F1, rally and touring cars have taken the advantage of using lighter and stiffer materials for decades. Carbon, and hybrid constructions are used in components throughout the vehicle from the chassis to exhausts. It is therefore imperative to find a manufacturer and supplier who can supply advanced adhesives to equal this advanced motorsport technology.

motorsport adhesives

Central Tapes & Adhesives have a great range of adhesives, sealants and tapes to support the automotive industry and a growing number of products have been used in the motorsport sector.  Methacrylate adhesive, Polyurethane (PU), Epoxy and Hybrid technology are increasingly used, not only in production but for repair on race day of carbon fibre panels.  Our adhesives have proven to be a quick and effective way to reduce pit time.  CTA 2105, CTA 25-5 and CTA 2605  for the fabrication and repair of carbon fibre and fibre glass moulded panels, bonding metal brackets to carbon fibre sections, bonding dissimilar metals for heavy transport, bonding fasteners to carbon fibre or order FRP laminates, GRP assembly, bond spoilers together (upper and lower mouldings).  Seal windows, door and light units as well as body panels or body kits.

Motorsport adhesives

CTA 2105 two part structural acrylic Methacrylate adhesive – Ultimate bond, use when a very high structural strength is required, quick setting and easy to use.

CTA 25-5 two part reinforced structural composite PU adhesive – Similar strength to the above.  However, use 25-5 when low/no odour is a priority.

CTA 2605 two part toughened epoxy resin – When a clear strong bond is required.

CTA 12126 single part high grab PU adhesive –   A good all round adhesive sealant.

CTA 1227 high strength thread locker green – For nuts and bolts.

We have a large portfolio of products available, this is just a snap shot, if you don’t see a product you believe will assist you then please contact us, we have the products to solve most bonding challenges.  You can chat to us right now below!