Polyurethane adhesive sealant 12126

Polyurethane adhesive sealant 12126 is a one component, fast curing, high modulus polyurethane sealant ideal for a wide variety of sealing and bonding applications.  This high quality product cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a tough, resilient, elastic rubber compound.  12126 is a non solvented ECO friendly product.  Due to its elastic properties CTA 12126 has found applications in the construction, industrial and automotive industries.  It is ideal for sealing and bonding applications where movement and vibration are major considerations.

Standard sizes and colours available to purchase online:

12126 Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant

12 x 310ml Black complete with nozzles (1 Box)

12 x 310ml White complete with nozzles (1 Box)

12 x 310ml Grey complete with nozzles (1 Box)
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Polyurethane adhesive sealant 12126 application

Ideal for bonding a wide range of building materials, without the need for nails or screws.  Initial grab sets to form an extremely high strength bond.  Multi purpose and gap filling adhesive which can be sanded and over painted.  Use our polyurethane adhesive to bond stainless steel, metals, wood, glass, plastics and many more, a great multi purpose polyurethane adhesive sealant.

Polyurethane adhesive sealant 12126 facts and features

Working temperature of -30°C to +90°C and a chemical resistance to water, dilute acids, alkalis and aliphatic oils.  When using Adhesive Sealants, ensure the surfaces are clean and dry prior to bonding.  Moisture curing technology one or both surfaces must be porous.  Solvent free technology.  Therefore, more environmentally friendly.


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