High strength thread locker 1227 green

High strength thread locker 1227 green, designed to permanently lock metal threaded components. 1227 locks fasteners up to 25mm in diameter, sealing against leakage and corrosion. 1227 is thixotropic, which reduces the migration of the liquid adhesive following application. Once cured, the 1227 resists attack from most fuels, lubricants and even most industrial gasses.

Sizes: 10ml, 50ml, 250ml

Viscosity: 500 cps

Speed: 30 mins @ 25°C

Dispensing equipment available upon request.

High strength thread locker 1227 green applications


CTA 1227 is designed for ultimate strength metal fastener applications such as studs into motor housings. The 1227 can eliminate the need to double nut, or weld critical heavy duty assemblies. Due to the viscosity of 1227, it is suited to both fine and medium threaded metal parts, that will not require periodic dis-assembly.

High strength thread locker 1227 green preparation

  • For best results clean all surfaces with a cleaning solvent and allow to dry.
  • If the metal is inactive apply suitable CTA primer.
  • Shake the product thoroughly before application.
  • Apply the adhesive to the fixing position of the fastener or onto the internal threads of a blind hole.
  • Use suitable methods to assemble components, and tighten to required torque level.
  • Allow High Strength Thread Locker 1227 Green to fully cure before applying load.

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