Adhesives for transport

Adhesives for transport, CTA’s extensive portfolio of transportation tapes & adhesives are all high specification, quality items, necessary for today’s demanding market.  Our high performance products are often used by many OEM’s and meet with the engineers requirements. At Central Tapes & Adhesives Ltd we offer a wide range of customised solutions in order to improve manufacturing processes.  We offer adhesives for the transport industry with a diverse range of applications.  Typical usages include bonding exterior/interior trim, roof cladding and badges right the way through to DIY repair kits for caravan floors.

We can also help you to find a product that will be cost-effective and durable for bus, truck and trailer manufacture and refurbishment including body panels, flooring and more. For rail, we can assist in your rolling stock assembly and retrim/reflooring.

Over the years we have developed processes for exterior panel bonding using one of the following product ranges:

Adhesives for transport application

Within the different transportation sectors we have assisted in the development of many different production processes with our customers. The key sectors that we work with are:

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