Fast setting epoxy clear adhesive 2605

Fast setting epoxy clear adhesive 2605 is a toughened epoxy resin and part of our structural bonding range.  Capable of bonding metals, engineered plastics and composites together. Excellent for bonding patina metals such as brass, copper, bronze and similar metals and metal alloys. Our epoxy is the number one choice when bonding malleable metals. Combined with high temperature resistance, tensile and shear performance.  This type of toughened epoxy is a great alternative to the common branded epoxy resins, adhesives or glues.

CTA 2605 has a 5 minute working life with a 12 minute fixture time and available in standard 50ml, 400ml and also bulk sizes along with accessories.  2605 is also available in a uniquely packaged 25ml syringe.

The benefits to using a 25ml syringe are easy application as no applicator gun is required.  Simply detach the end cap and use hand to hold and dispense the correct amount of adhesive.  This can be mixed manually or if required, attach a mixing nozzle to syringe for a more accurate application.

Fast setting epoxy clear adhesive 2605 applications

2605 is often specified when bonding a variety of surfaces i.e. metals, plastics and glass in a wide variety of industries from engineering assembly such as attaching golf club head, shafts and weights or even jewellery making.

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NOTE:  To use this adhesive you will need a nozzle and an application gun.