2206 structural adhesive two cartridges nozzles and gun

Stress testing our 2206 structural adhesive with incredible results!

Following a recent enquiry from a customer, we were asked if we could back up our claims that our 2206 structural adhesive was a versatile, strong and reliable bonding solution.  We did and we filmed it so you can see the results too!



What did you do?

To set up this demonstration we used a tensometer (also known as a Universal Testing Machine or UTM).  This is a device which is designed to test the tensile properties of a material and its tensile strength – the degree to which a product will stretch under stress – often to the point of breaking, or failure. The amount of stretch that a material has when it is under strain provides important information about the material’s tensile strength and fatigue strength. This is crucial to anyone who needs safe and successful bonding solutions. It is a fundamental engineering test.

What happened?

We correctly cleaned and prepared two steel strips, then applied an even bead of 2206 10:1 adhesive to the steel.  This was left for a fixture time of 15 minutes after which the bonded parts were left to dwell for 24 hours to achieve full strength prior to the tensile test.  They were then vertically loaded into our tensometer.  The machine gripped both ends of the joined parts, leaving the bonded section clear in the centre, and the tension test was started.  In just less than one minute, the machine had reached a point of 7.5 Newtons – and then the substrate failed!  Our 2206 adhesive remained firm, solid and reliable, but the steel strip broke!


What does this mean?

The Newton is the International System of Units derived unit of force. It is named after Isaac Newton in recognition of his work on classical mechanics and is the unit of measurement used by the tensometer.  In this test, at the point of 7.5 Newtons per mm2, the substrate failed, but our 2206 bond held true. This certainly shows how strong our adhesive is!  However, it was only at half of its maximum potential, as CTA’s 2206 limit is an awesome 16 Newtons per mm2.

Why would I use 2206?

The 2206 adhesive is excellent for bonding metal, most plastics, granite, marble and in the powder coating process, to name but a few.  It resists impact loads at both high and sub-zero temperatures and comes in both natural and black variants.

Do I have to buy lots?

Another feature of the 2206 adhesive, like many of our products, is that you can buy it in either the trial kit of 50ml, which comes with 2 cartridges, 4 nozzles and a manual applicator gun, or the larger 490ml and caulking applicator. This means that you can test our structural adhesives without committing to large quantities and you’ll have all the application tools you’ll need.

In summary

The strength test for our 2206 10:1 structural adhesive was recorded, and the short video gives a great visual display of its strength.  CTA pride themselves on being able to provide technical support and products capable of solving your bonding issues.

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