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CTA donate PPE to local businesses, helping the return to work

Worried about returning to work? A few months ago, most of us were worried about how we would cope during a possible ‘lockdown’ situation. At the time, this was an unprecedented and inconceivable action that threw us all into disorientation and, in some cases, mild panic. Then we heard another new term ‘furlough’ and had to learn what that meant and how it impacted upon us. Currently we live with on-going ‘social distancing’ which has become second nature to us in many cases. Now, however, we might be worried about how we actually return to work.

What are CTA doing to help?

CTA have already started planning for their ‘new normal’ by preparing a brand-new policy to best protect our staff and customers. This will be published and uploaded to our website in due course. However, we are also keen to help small businesses in our local area – after all, the Covid-19 crisis is a time for giving, not taking. To this end we have delivered some PPE from our stock to some small local companies and medical centres so that they at least have some initial reassurance that they can return to the workplace with some degree of safety.

Who have you donated to?

So far, Michelle and Mark have given a variety of free supplies such as premium visors, sanitisers and floor hazard marking tape to:

• Sutton Medical Centre
• Steven Hale Hearing
• Good Hope Hospital
• The Deanery School
• Staffordshire Cleaning Company
• Powder Paws Dog Groomer
• Oceans Chippie Tamworth
• Roasters Tamworth
• A local family and wedding photographer

What’s the point?

CTA’s motivation for this has been to simply try to help local companies at this difficult time. We feel that we are all in this together – the same situation, and the same struggles have applied no matter who you are. So, having come into contact with all of the above for one reason or another, we decided we would pass on some of our stock of PPE products, just to make things a little easier in the first instance. Here are some of the comments that we have received in response:

Powder Puff Dog Groomer Anneka Jackson said “One small business helping another!! I had been after a visor – they are especially handy when I have to do the big German Shepherds!”

Gemma Simkins from Erin Kate Photography also said “I’m overwhelmed! Thank you!”

Roasters in Tamworth owners Angie and John Panton received face visors, alcohol hand sanitiser and hazard floor tape for their shop. They were so pleased they said they would share them with the Staffordshire Cleaning Contractors!

Sean Bloomfield is the owner of the multi award winning Oceans Chippy in Tamworth who has been providing food to staff at Good Hope Hospital, so we provided him with a selection of PPE too.

This is the very essence of life during, and post, Coronavirus! If you are a small, local business, please contact us for some free PPE equipment. We will do all we can to help – but when it’s gone, it’s gone!

“Thank you all for your support. Stay safe and stay in touch. We’re here to help.”

Mark Plimmer – Managing Director, CTA Ltd