Safety face visor and alcohol hand sanitiser gel

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Safety Visors are boxed in quantities of 20, 100 or 200. Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel 125ml bottles in quantities of 3, 6 or 20. Save 10% on our special bulk buy visor and gel packs. Limited time offer and subject to availability. The premium face visor is made from a thicker material and has the additional feature of having an adjustable strap.


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PPE Medical Grade Face Visors and Hand Gel Sanitiser to protect front-line healthcare workers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

During these unprecedented times CTA wanted to help protect the NHS front-line workers by developing face shields to protect the wearer’s facial area against COVID-19.  Our PVC visors simultaneously protect the wearer’s eyes, nose and mouth.


Safety face visor mask PPE UK stock

*Face mask and apron not included

Facial shields are an absolutely essential element of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for healthcare workers to use whilst testing and caring for patients with Coronavirus.  The face has been reported to be the part of the body that is most commonly contaminated during procedures.  Medical grade face shields are made up of Latex Free elastic, 220 micron thick PVC and an ultra soft foam cushioning aid, to cover the face from the hairline and over the chin for full protection. The premium face visor is made with 600 micron PVC with the additional benefit of an adjustable strap.



Our medical grade open cell polyurethane foam has been converted to a required shape, as part of the face visor components, to add comfort to the wearer and to ensure the plastic shield is not directly in contact with the forehead and therefore allowing space for spectacles. Open cell polyurethane foam is often used for products such as baby sponges and make up sponges, as it’s both kind to the skin and soft to the touch. It is especially comfortable to the user, conforming exceptionally well to body surfaces and providing flexible cushioning that does not irritate delicate skin. The premium face visor is made from a thicker material and has the additional feature of having an adjustable strap.

Alcohol hand sanitiser gel

Alcohol hand sanitiser gel

In addition to our new face visors, CTA have launched hygienic hand rub.  To complement our essential PPE equipment we now have convenient bottles of Alcohol Hand Gel Sanitiser. These are packaged in convenient 125ml bottles. Our Hand Gel Sanitiser has been specifically formulated to kill bacteria with high quality alcohol and is irritant free.  Effective against 99.99% of germs.


So what do our front-line workers think of our innovative PPE…

I can’t thank CTA enough, for going out of your way to hand deliver essential PPE.  The visors stay so clear, without steaming up.  I feel so much safer today.

Please stay safe and for more information contact us


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