Metal bonding glue

Metal to metal glue 2105 structural adhesive


If you’re looking for a metal bonding glue, then we have lots to choose from. In short, it really depends on the application and what you are trying to bond together. We can bond most materials together though, using our very wide range of products and many years of experience.

Customers often search using the terms they are familiar with, and there’s a good chance you used one of them to get here too:

  • Metal to metal glue
  • Metal bonding glue
  • Metal glue
  • Glue for metal
  • Metal adhesive
  • GRP to metal glue

The list goes on of course, but all of our customers have a specific need… they want to join together two, sometimes more, similar or dissimilar items. You can’t use normal ‘glues’ to bond together GRP (Glass Fibre) and stainless steel for example, as they are just too diverse. They need an adhesive that has specific properties, allowing both materials to be correctly bonded together.  Likewise, metal that becomes bonded to another metal may have to carry a weight or ‘load’ that would cause lesser glues and adhesives to simply come apart. Not too much of an issue for a picture frame bracket, but think of a high-stress bonded aviation, marine or automotive component and you’ll know why countless hours of research and testing have gone into developing our products.


How do I bond metal to metal?

Take a look at our two part structural adhesive here which is suitable for a very wide range of metal bonding applications. We even have trial kits for sale so the price is kept very low!


How do I bond GRP to metal?

Check out our GRP to metal adhesive here. You’ll also see that it’s odour-free and can be used to bond GRP, FRP, composites, metals, plastics and more.


What if I need more advice?

That’s fine, many of our clients came here with a bonding problem that needed solving or a specific problem using other products. We are very approachable and aim to solve any clients’ bonding requirements. Our blog shows some of the diverse applications that our products are used for and also details how we worked with clients to resolve their problems.

We also supply in quantities from small to extremely large, so if your project is anywhere from hobbyist to large multi-national then we can probably help!

Have a browse through our site to see what you need or call us on the numbers above during office hours. You can also use our contact form here to get in touch with any questions.