Marine adhesive specialists


Marine adhesive specialists Central Tapes and Adhesives have been involved in supplying the Marine industry for many years. We have worked closely with a number of luxury motor yacht, offshore cruisers, cruise liners, powerboat manufacturers and narrowboat builders. Using this knowledge we have developed a range of key products most commonly used within the marine industry.

Some of the adhesive products that are used in the marine industry are:

Marine adhesive specialists application

We have worked closely with a number of Luxury Motor Yacht and Narrow boat builders to understand their specific needs for adhesive. The main adhesive used is based on a methacrylate adhesive and has been used extensively by Marine companies to bond either GRP Fibreglass to itself or locating brackets to the GRP without damaging the integrity of the hull.

The most common use is to bond the deck to the hull. Using one of our structural acrylic adhesives gives many advantages:

  • Fast setting of adhesive leading to quicker production.
  • Structural bond to the GRP giving durability and resistance to stress and load.


Their are also endless applications for tapes and re-closable fasteners, such as:

  • Hidden access panels that need to be re opened or securely bonded together.
  • Numerous dissimilar materials that require bonding with no visible fixings to improve aesthetics.


In addition to the manufacturing process there also is a need to protect the surfaces during this process. CTA have a vast range of surface protection tapes.


There are many products available from CTA for use within the marine industry. If you have a requirement for a marine adhesive or tape, please contact our technical team for more information.