Heat curing adhesive sealant



Our 15002 product has been superseded by 16002 Seam Sealer. This page is left for reference.

Heat curing adhesive sealant CTA 15002 is a one component adhesive. It is similar to an epoxy system for bonding and sealing metal panels.  Featuring very fast cure along with high shear strength properties.  It has been specifically formulated with a unique blend of adhesives similar to epoxy resins.

Size:- 310ml and bulk

Curing time: – 30mins at 130°C

Colour:- Black

Viscosity:- Paste

Shore Hardness: – 80+

Product advantages

•  Single component system; no mixing required.

•  Working life “unlimited” at room temperature; minimum cure temperature of 130°C.

•  Easy application; contact pressure only required during heat cure; adhesive spreads evenly and smoothly.

•  Excellent adhesion to many substrates and superior physical properties.


CTA 15002 Heat cured adhesive is a one-part product. Curing and the development of adhesion are not achieved until the material is heated above 130°C.  This Newly developed formulation cures more quickly at temperatures as low as 90°C.  At these temperatures, the adhesives will generally cure in about an hour.  Higher temperatures will result in a faster cure.  Limitations on cure speed are generally dependent on the temperatures that the unit and components are able to withstand.  Heat curing can be done in a batch or conveyor oven.  Heat cured adhesives will cure in either thin or thick section and can cure when confined.

If you have problems with poor heat curing adhesive, contact CTA’s technical experts.

For more information view our updated product pre powder coat seam sealer 16002 or contact our technical team.