Extreme weather and temperature resistant Silastomer 337

Extreme weather and temperature resistant Silastomer 337 is a high performance, single component, ready to use clear adhesive sealant. Silastomer 337 cures to a tough, resilient and durable silicone rubber once exposed to moisture in the air.  The neutral curing system of this extreme weather and temperature adhesive is designed to be used around sensitive electronics and electrical materials such as brass, copper and silver.  Silastomer 337 will adhere to clean metals, glass, rubber, ceramic, many plastics and vinyl.  UL approval for horizontal burn and mechanical adhesion.

Silastomer 337 is ready to use, does not require mixing or additives.  Moisture curing begins immediately after the product is exposed to air, therefore assemble parts within just a few minutes after the product is dispensed.  This extreme weather and temperature resistant silastomer 337 starts to skin over in approximately 10 minutes, reaching full cure in 24 hours and a maximum adhesion in 7 days.

Extreme weather and temperature resistant Silastomer 337


Hernon Silastomer 337 provides excellent resistance to moisture, weathering, vibration, ozone and extreme temperatures.  It can be applied in surface temperatures of -18°C to +49°C (0°F to +120°F) with no loss in performance.  Fully cured Silastomer 337 can withstand extended periods at temperatures up to 205°C (400°F).


Product Benefits

  • One component – no mixing
  • Room temperature cure
  • Sealing lead wire entries
  • Circuit board protection
  • Excellent high and low temperature resistance
  • VOC compliant – low outgassing
  • Excellent choice for use around sensitive electronics and sensors – non corrosive to most substrates
  • Waterproofing electronics
  • Engine components
  • Versatile electrical insulation
  • Cured rubber is non-toxic
  • Silastomer 337 exhibits excellent performance where a long term, permanently flexible bond is required


Extreme weather and temperature resistant Silastomer 337, when fully cured, meets requirements for Mil Spec MIL-A-46106B Type I.  FDA compliant with regulation title CFR 175.105 where incidental food contact may be involved.