Pipe thread sealant dripstop 940

Pipe thread sealant dripstop 940 is a high-speed thread sealant for use on inactive metals such as stainless steel and aluminium used in chemical process piping. Dripstop 940 is formulated to cure without the necessity of a primer. Dripstop 940 has been shown to be compatible for use within diesel exhaust systems using DEF according to Continue reading

Oxygen system pipe sealant 950

Hernon Dripstop 950 is a pipe joint & thread sealant that is highly recommended where oxygen, aggressive chemicals, such as chlorine or powerful oxidisers, are present. It is a high density inert thread sealant and lubricant, specially formulated for severe high pressure applications. Oxygen system pipe sealant 950 is odourless, non corrosive and hydrophobic.  It Continue reading

Copper anti-seize 367

Copper anti-seize 367 is a low-friction, anti-seize lubricant manufactured from a combination of micro-size copper flakes and graphite dispersed in a water-resistant grease and fortified with antioxidants, plus rust and corrosion inhibitors. Hernon Copper anti-seize fills irregularities and imperfections and resists welding, hardening, and setting. It provides low-friction and cushions impact and shock loads. Low shear Continue reading

Rust eliminator 32

Rust Eliminator 32 is used on rusted steel when only a minimum surface preparation is practical. Rust Eliminator 32 stops rust, coats surface, and acts as a primer for various covering paints on: Duct work, overhead cranes and booms Municipal and highway sign posts Conveyors, supports, guard rails, fences Power plants, heating and cooling plants Continue reading

Extreme weather and temperature resistant Silastomer 337

Extreme weather and temperature resistant Silastomer 337 is a high performance, single component, ready to use clear adhesive sealant. Silastomer 337 cures to a tough, resilient and durable silicone rubber once exposed to moisture in the air.  The neutral curing system of this extreme weather and temperature adhesive is designed to be used around sensitive electronics Continue reading