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CTA provide glass bonding support in tough times

Support, care and backup – we’re here for you!

Having been embroiled in a global pandemic, now is the time for us to focus on recovery – and good news ‘business building’ stories in particular.

What support, care and backup are CTA offering?

Did you know that here at CTA we pride ourselves on being technical bonding experts? Not only do we have a vast range of safe, efficient and reliable products, but we also have a wealth of knowledge and a passion for problem solving. This means that we are able to offer one to one consultations to companies on the subject of adhesive and, in many cases, on-site support.

How does that benefit us?

The best way of showcasing CTA’s skills as experts is to hear from a company that have benefited from them. Here, we introduce Director Alan Taylor from Midlands Industrial Glass, one of the largest independent glass processors and manufacturers in Europe. He spoke to us about CTA’s superb support, care and back up.

“How long have you been working with CTA?”

Alan: “I’m surprised to learn that it’s been nine years!”

“What products do you use from CTA?”

Alan: “We use both tapes and two-part adhesives for our specialist glass requirements.”

“What other services do CTA provide?”

Alan: “We consider CTA to be our Consultants on adhesives. When we are faced with new applications, and demands from customers, we speak to Mark Plimmer. He will often come out to visit us on site in order that he can truly understand our issue and source the best product for the bonding challenge. This makes us feel that he is with us throughout every step of the process, offering great continuity and support to me and my staff. There is something rather comforting about having the expert on site with you, answering all our questions and visualising solutions so that we can pass that reassurance on to our customers. Some of our projects can be years in the making, so consistent support is essential. Also, if it’s impossible for CTA to solve our issue, they will put us in contact with someone who can – it’s such an honest relationship.”

“How has CTA helped during lockdown?”

Alan: “This has been an amazing period during our relationship. At a time when many employees were furloughed, CTA provided us with free face visors which staff members were able to use in conjunction with face masks. This enabled us to release more team members from furlough as they had to work in assembly processes of approximately 1 metre. The protective equipment brought peace of mind to those who used them, and the relief of being actively back at work was a great boost to many.”

“How would you sum up CTA’s service?”

Alan: “CTA are small enough to care, but large enough to give support. You can’t ask for more than that from your supplier.”

In summary

Alan: “We are specialists in glass, not adhesives. When faced with new challenges we call in the experts. In my mind, there is no-one better than CTA.”


We offer many glass bonding solutions. Popular products include 2105 structural adhesive, 6110 foamed acrylic tape, UV1 glass bevel bonder and other UV adhesives.


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