Caravan floor repair instructions

Caravan floor repair instructions for our CTA 2640 1.1kg kit.  If parts of your caravan floor feel spongy or bouncy this can mean de-lamination.  The caravan floor is made from polystyrene, sandwiched between Plywood and the Base. De-lamination often occurs near the door or in the kitchen area, with heavy use the polystyrene can become squashed which creates the spongy feel.

The de-lamination kit, with the help of the dowels to reinforce the floor, will harden the floor and restore your caravan floor stopping the bounce.

• Easy to use.
• Make sure areas to be reinforced are clean and dry.
• Drill 8mm holes in the de-laminated section 250mm apart in a diamond pattern.
• Mix Part A and Part B together, until a smooth consistency is produced.
• Tape up the sections under the de-laminated floor section to stop the adhesive running out.
• Draw product into syringe and squeeze into the holes that have been filled ensure enough product into the cavity (when it protrudes from the holes).
• Tap in dowels, clamp/place weights on panel until dry, Ideally 24 Hours, then sand area to remove excess adhesive and protruding dowels.
• Replace the carpet or vinyl covering.
• Covers approximately 1 square metre

If you would like further information about our caravan floor repair products, talk to our expert  Mark Plimmer T: 0121 378 2909

or follow the following link to purchase now: Caravan floor delamination repair kit