caravan spongy bouncy floor repair kit

Caravan floor delamination repair

These are caravan floor repair instructions for our CTA 2640 1.1kg kit.  If parts of your caravan floor feel spongy or bouncy this can mean de-lamination.  The caravan floor is made from polystyrene (also called styrofoam) that is sandwiched between plywood and the base. De-lamination often occurs near the door or in the kitchen area, with heavy use the polystyrene can become squashed which creates the spongy or bouncy feel.

The de-lamination kit, with the help of the dowels to reinforce the floor, will harden the floor and restore your caravan floor stopping the bounce.

• Easy to use.
• Make sure areas to be reinforced are clean and dry.
• Drill 8mm holes in the de-laminated section 250mm apart in a diamond pattern.
• Mix Part A and Part B together, until a smooth consistency is produced.
• Draw product into syringe and squeeze into the holes that have been filled ensure enough product into the cavity (when it protrudes from the holes).
• Tap in dowels, clamp/place weights on panel until dry, ideally 24 hours, then sand area to remove excess adhesive and protruding dowels.
• Replace the carpet or vinyl covering.
• Covers approximately 1 square metre.

Can you replace a rotten floor in a caravan?

While not every caravan floor is capable of being repaired, our kit can repair those cases where the laminate and polystyrene are still structurally sound, just separated from each other. The whole process can usually be done in a few hours plus a curing time of 24 hours, during which there should be no foot traffic or movement to the floor area. If the floor is completely rotten then it is unlikely to be repairable.

Why do caravan floors delaminate?

Caravan flooring typically has an upper plywood that you walk on, a mid layer of polystyrene and a base layer of external plywood. They are bonded together with an adhesive that reduces performance over time and is also weakened by moisture. This leads to separation of either two or all layers. We call this ‘delamination’ and our solution is to inject our powerful adhesive by syringe into the gaps, using the method above.


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