Caravan floor panel repair kit

Caravan floor panel repair kit CTA 2640 has been designed for the repair of delaminated panels in caravans and motorhomes. This product can easily be injected between the panels and quickly repairs a floor or panel that has become spongy or has started to separate from the inner core. If you need to repair your caravan floor due to sponginess or delamination then this product should be suitable. If you have any queries, please contact us before purchase.


Caravan floor panel repair kit application

The kit comprises of a 1.5 kg kit and a 50ml syringe. It has been designed specifically for application by injection through a syringe or needle and then flows readily to fill the void or gap into which it has been injected. It is simply applied by the following method:

Drill small holes through from the back of the panel to the “bubbles”. Ensure the hole does not protrude through panel. If so, tape up holes and joints to avoid seepage. Once part A and part B have been mixed and drawn into the syringe, it can easily be injected in the panel. Once syringing is completed the panel needs to be clamped or pressed for several hours to ensure full cure and a flat surface is achieved.

Please refer to our technical data sheet for more information on our Caravan floor panel repair kits. You can also call for advice during office hours.

Lift existing carpets or vinyl to expose delaminated area. Drill 8mm holes though plywood floor in a diamond pattern with 250mm centres to the edge of the delaminated area. Mix part A & B until a consistent colour has been achieved. Once mixed the adhesive can be injected into the pre-drilled holes. It has been designed specifically for this application to be injected by syringe or needle so that it flows readily to fill the void or gap into which it has been dispensed. The cavity is full when the adhesive starts to flow back out of the hole.

Dowels (supplied) are then inserted into the holes to reinforce the section. If the Caravan floor delaminated section is by a cross member it can be screwed down. If not it can be pressed with a weight or clamped until final cure has taken place, ideally for 24 hours. The newly repaired caravan floor can be sanded level to remove excessive adhesive and protruding dowels.

When drilling the holes take care not to drill through the entire floor. It is also advisable to prepare the area in concern by masking any seams or joints prior to mixing and injecting the adhesive. This will ensure there is minimal squeeze out or seepage.

Delamination may have occurred at a panel edge and it may be possible to lift the facing edge slightly and apply the CTA 2640 repair kit with a spatula if injection is not possible.


A 1.5kg kit is usually sufficient to cover, on average, an area of 1 square metre. This is dependent on the amount of deterioration of the foam beneath, if in doubt call for advice.


Size: 1.5kg kit (part A 1kg, part B 500g)

Working time: 10-15 mins

Cure time: 50-60 mins (at 20 °C)

Colour: Clear

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