Thermally conductive adhesive 745

Hernon Dissipator 745 is a thermally conductive room temperature cure adhesive that is designed for bonding electrical components to heat sink with a controlled gap.  Thermally conductive adhesive 745, through a special shimming property, insulates the component electrically while allowing thermal conductivity.

This special shimming feature of produces a constant gap of 0.005 in. to 0.006 in. between components.

Dissipator 745

Product Benefits

• No mixing required (eliminates errors in mixing ratio)
• Room temperature cure. No heat required
• Eliminates screws and rivets for assembly
• Eliminates the air space between components
• High k factor for heat conductive application

Thermally conductive adhesive 745 Directions for use

For best performance bond surfaces should be clean and free from grease.  Use applicator to apply the activator to the surface to
be bonded.  After the solvent evaporates, the active ingredients will appear wet, and will remain active for up to 2 hours after application. Contamination of the surface before bonding should be prevented.  Apply adhesive to the unactivated surface.  Secure the assembly, and wait for the adhesive to fixture (approximately 5 minutes) before any further handling. Full cure occurs in 4 to 24 hours.  The amount of adhesive applied to the part or heat sink should be limited to the amount necessary to fill the bond and just enough to give a small fillet.  The dispensing or application of the adhesive should be done as to minimize air entrapment within the bondline.  The successful application of this product depends on accurate dispensing on the parts to be bonded.

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