Tamper Proof 610

Tamper Proof 610 is a water-based masking product designed for tamper proofing applications. Hernon Tamper Proof 610 can be applied with a brush or dispensing equipment, dries quickly at room temperature to a very flexible coating, dark blue in colour.  Can be applied to oily surfaces which eliminates the need for cleaning prior to application. Torque bolts to spec and ensure they have not loosened, ensure nothing gets loosened or altered with Tamper Proof 610.  Used in the automotive industry, on heavy machinery, on technology components and numerous other applications where evidence of tampering or altering is needed!

Tamper Proof

Tamper Proof 610 Directions for use

Apply a thin coat (0.002 to 0.004 in.) by brush, dip or flow.  It can be applied as supplied or diluted with water.  A thin coat will cure at room temperature in 45 ± 15 minutes or in an oven for 20 minutes at 150°F, or 10 minutes at 180°F.

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