Protective tape

Protective tape, at Central Tapes & Adhesives we have a vast range of Protective tape for all types of surface protection. Our products are versatile in use and offer excellent surface protection from scratches and scuffs. Each product has been produced to a very high standard and offers excellent adhesion with no residue upon removal. Offering UV light resistance, good long term ageing and available in a range of colours depending upon application, the CTA Protective tape range offers excellent product protection.

Protective tape


Sizes: Slit widths to Full length rolls

Micron: 45 – 100 mic

Colour: Clear, Black, Blue, Red, Black on White (co-ex) and printed


Protective tape application

Protective tape or films are designed for metals, plastics, glass, painted surfaces, composites, aerospace, automotive, marine, glass reinforced plastics (GRP/FRP), marble, granite, wood, flooring, carpets, fabrics and many more. Our Protective tapes can be applied to nearly any surface quickly and easily to to offer instant protection from scratches and scuffs.

Please contact us with your requirements and we can specify the exact product to meet your Protection needs.