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Focusing on a Positive Customer Experience

In the past, the popular business mantra was ‘Customer is King’. This was right in many ways, not so much now as we have evolved into our modern world’s commitment to the Customer Experience or CX as it is also known.

We are ALL daily customers, whether that be face to face or as electronic purchasers. Either way, your valuable custom can be lost at the drop of a hat or at the touch of a button! Here at CTA, we are determined to make your experience with us the very best it can possibly be.

The Cambridge Dictionary tells us a customer is defined as being ‘a person who buys goods or a service’.
At CTA, we actually provide both! Let’s take a look at what we mean, with the ‘goods’ side of things first.

Buying goods from CTA

Your customer journey actually starts the moment you think about us. It is at that first point, that you are already making decisions about us, based perhaps on what other people have said, reviews you may have read on Google, information seen on social media or our history together. Hopefully, you decide to pick up the telephone or open your computer and make contact with us. We all know the saying ‘You only get one chance to make a first impression’, so this is crucial to us. Our dedicated and trained office team are on hand and waiting to answer your call quickly, politely and to be helpful. We endeavour to respond to your emails within ONE working day. If unable to answer your question straight away, touch base with our Managing Director Mark Plimmer who, with 20+ years of industry expertise, is the ‘go-to guy’ for adhesive issues. If your enquiry is to place an order, this will be dealt with effectively and despatched efficiently. Our team are always on hand to help – we even contact customers on an ‘ad hoc’ basis to get their CX feedback. That’s the ‘goods’ side of things covered.

CTA’s Personal Service

As a dedicated supplier, we believe it is our high level of personal service that really makes CTA stand out from the crowd. We like to visit our customers, provide that personal touch, always keen to meet in situ so that we can gain a complete understanding of applications. When Mark is on site, he is able to visualise both the final product and the process necessary to ensure both aesthetic and strength requirements are met.

The feedback from clients who have benefited from this is that “Mark can see things I can’t and offers the perfect bonding solutions… it’s an invaluable service”.

You can read about our work with C-Fury, a specialist manufacturer who designs and builds small patrol and adventure boats in our C-Fury blog article here. Once again, to ensure success and perfection, Mark visited the customer several times and matched the application’s needs to CTA’s high strength and performance adhesives. We are often able to steer customers to create more efficient production lines once on site, and can see at first hand the assembly and bonding processes.

“We are great at supplying the right adhesives for bonding applications, however what separates us from other suppliers is our commitment to meeting our clients, solving their bonding issues, and exceeding their expectations.”

Mark Plimmer, Managing Director

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