High strength thread paste 432

High strength thread paste 432  is a brand new innovative technology.  432 is a is thixotropic, and has excellent high temperature characteristics.   After being stored 24 hours at 200 deg C, when tested at 200 degrees C, it has prevailing torque of 200 inch lbs.threadlocking-paste-432The thixotropic paste consistency stays put on the threads, and does not drip off.  It is an excellent product for mechanics or assemblers doing overhead work or small motors on a bench level assembly line.  The 50ml tube has a ribbon tip applicator. thread-locking-paste-for-bolts

Special features of 432

• Totally non-migrating and remains where it is applied
• Won’t spill or leak
• Excellent when working overhead or in tight places

this thread locking paste is a thixotropic version of Nuts N’ Bolts 439, a one component, high strength anaerobic adhesive.  Nuts N’ Bolts 439 cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces and prevents loosening and leakage from shock and vibration, it is particularly fast curing thereby reducing or eliminating the need for activators, particularly suited for heavy duty applications such as bolts used in transmissions, construction equipment or railroad assemblies where heavy shock and stress levels are required. The thixotropic nature of Nuts N’ Bolts 439 reduces the migration of liquid product after application to the substrate.

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Industries served

Aerospace, aviation, automotive, electrical, electronics, appliance, defense, ammunition, marine, engineered plastics, heavy equipment, maintenance, energy and utilities, industrial assemblies, medical device assemblies, composites