Fibre optic potting

Fibre optic potting made easy with a selection of products made by Hernon Manufacturing.   Tuffbond 302 is a modified epoxy adhesive that provides a very fast room temperature cure and exhibits very good moisture chemical and heat resistance.  This very fast cure epoxy adhesive is specially formulated for rapid in-line assembly of loud speakers.  Tuffbond 302 is also recommended for bonding metals, wood, ceramics and more it can be used for potting and the encapsulation of electronic components and is especially equipped for potting wiring harnesses for fibre optic cables.

Fibre optic potting


Fibre optic potting Typical Applications

• Bonding voice coil to cone

• Bonding pole piece to magnet base

• Bonding alnico magnet to base

• Rapid curing structural and electrical repair kit

• Rapid curing laminates and “gel” coats

• Potting electronic boards

• Encapsulating electrical and electronic components

 Product Benefits

• Fast cure at room temperature (about 5 minutes)

• Low shrinkage

• 100% reactive, non-solvent system

• Easy mixing ratio of resin and hardener

• No fuming on gelation

Also available in the potting range…

Tuffbond 67011 adhesive/sealant, a two component, 100% solid system, two to one ratio, room temperature cure system.  Recommended for bonding metals, wood, ceramics, etc., and can be used for potting and encapsulation of electrical and electronic components, potting electronic boards, encapsulating electrical and electronic components, marine coating, underwater coating offering benefits such as excellent resistance to organic acids and bases, good mechanical properties, outstanding resistance to abrasion and non-critical mixing.

Fibre optic potting

More options available contact us to discuss your application and together we can find a Tuffbond adhesive for you!

Industries served

Aerospace, aviation, automotive, electrical, electronics, appliance, defence, ammunition, marine, engineered plastics, heavy equipment, maintenance, energy and utilities, industrial assemblies, medical device assemblies, composites.

For more information and to discuss your application in detail please contact us. Central Tapes & Adhesives Ltd are the UK & European technical specialists and distributors for Hernon Manufacturing.