Double sided tape

Double sided tape can be categorised into many different types, depending on the carrier and adhesive system used.  The most common carriers are Foam, Polyester, Polypropylene and Tissue.  When coated either side with either an Emulsion or solvent Acrylic, Rubber or Hot Melt adhesive a double sided tape is produced.

Our range can be divided into two main sub categories of thin or thick double sided tape.

Double-sided-tape1Our tape can be used in many different ways.  If you are looking for a thin bond line or a general purpose product then please have a look at our thin double sided tape.  If however you require a product to to cope with uneven surfaces or need to fill a gap then please view our thick double sided tape.

When a structural strength or high temperature is require you may wish to look at our Structural Acrylic Tapes.

Double sided tape application

We recommend you use CTA IPA cleaner/degreaser to ensure surfaces are clean and free from dirt or dust to ensure a clean bond line.

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