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CTA supply Hernon’s customised adhesive solutions

Central Tapes & Adhesives Ltd (CTA) have a special relationship with Hernon because we are proud to be the UK and European distributor for Hernon Manufacturing Inc. Hernon is a world leader and innovator of high-performance adhesives and equipment and their products are internationally accredited, high quality, eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Hernon Manufacturing have exposed their processes to the most rigorous testing and review. Their adhesives are ISO certified, Military Specification and have approvals; ASTM, NSN, FDA, NSF, CID, UL and USDA. These certifications show that you’re getting the very best product for your manufacturing process or application.



New Hernon products

Well, in Hernon’s most recent articles for us-tech.com  they are telling us about one of their new products as well as giving us some food for thought on a new concept.  The new product they highlight is their Tuffbond 321, and the discussion point is around having bonding solutions custom made.

Hernon’s general purpose resin Tuffbond® 321 is a flexible, low viscosity, general-purpose resin system used for casting, potting, and the encapsulating of electrical and electronic components. This unique flexible epoxy has been formulated to combine ease in handling with optimum physical, thermal and electrical insulation properties. Excellent for use as a potting epoxy. Other applications are with transformers, coils and chokes, solenoids and micro circuitry.

In other news, there is a discussion with regards to their R&D team formulating custom adhesives and sealants for high-reliability applications. This item explores the value of moving away from a ‘catch all’ solution to ‘customised adhesives’, which may be able to cut costs. Read more here (opens in a new window).

The need for customised adhesives

Will customised adhesives better serve the customer and reduce costs, or would one of their 5000 formulas be good enough? CTA can supply Hernon high quality sealants and adhesives including Fusionbond, Tuffbond, Dripstop, Nuts n Bolts, Ultrabond and Activator support products. Hernon’s renowned technologies include anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, epoxies, acrylics, methacrylates, UV visible cure, customised technologies and many more.

Here are CTA’s Managing Director Mark Plimmer’s comments on having custom-made solutions:

“This falls very much in line with our determination here at CTA to ensure we deliver the best solution for your adhesive needs, and we would be keen to hear your thoughts on the matter – especially if there are any applications we don’t seem to cater for yet.”

The perfect adhesive solution

Well, what all of this means is that between CTA and Hernon, you have definitely got the perfect adhesive solution.  Superb products, coupled with service, strength, safety, supply and support.

Professional values for our clients

CTA’s relationship with Hernon is founded not only on mutual respect and professional values, but also a determination to keep researching and innovating so that you, our valued customer, know that you have always bought the best.


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