Bearing lock 1231

Bearing lock 1231 is a green high strength low viscosity retaining compound, designed to bond close fitting metal surfaces with an ultimate structural strength. 1231 specializes in bonding cylindrical fitting parts, and maintains an unfaltering bond under all levels of cyclic load stress distribution.

Sizes: 50ml, 250mlBearing-lock-1231

Viscosity:  125cps

Speed: 15-20 minutes at 20°C

Bearing lock 1231 Typical Applications

CTA 1231 Green can be used in a wide variety of applications, especially interference or press fit parts including:

  • High strength retention of bearings
  • Locking of keys and splines
  • Bonding rotors, bushes and sleeves to shafts
  • Securing loose or worn parts

Bearing lock 1231 Instructions

  • For best results clean all surfaces with a cleaning solvent and allow to dry.
  • If the metal is inactive (see Compatibility Chart) apply suitable CTA primer.
  • Apply the adhesive to both the inside of the collar, and the leading edge of the pin, and assemble parts with a rotational motion, ensuring a high surface coverage.
  • Allow parts to cure to handling strength of Bearing Lock 1231 is achieved.