About CTA

Our extensive range of High Performance Tapes and Adhesives can bond Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanised Metals, Glass, Perspex, Glass Fibre, Composites, Polycarbonate, ABS, ASA, Acrylic Sheets and difficult-to-bond Plastics or low surface energy materials.

Central Tapes and Adhesives (CTA) are specialists in Technical Bonding Solutions using High Performance Tape and Adhesive for all industries. With over 40 years experience in solving our customers’ problems, we can bond, fasten, join or tape any materials together.

Are you having difficulties with any of the following problems?

  • Polyolefin, Polyethelene, Polypropelene or polyvinyl esther bonding (low surface energy Materials)
  • Bonding Metal to Metal
  • Adhesives that cure too slowly
  • Unable to bond dissimilar substrates
  • Insufficient bond strength on load bearing structures
  • Need a clear bond line
  • Would prefer a flexible but durable joint
  • Require a rigid and durable joint
  • Bonding GRP or fibreglass products
  • Need instant grab between substrates but can’t find a suitable tape or adhesive
  • Would like to enhance the aesthetics of a joint currently mechanically fixed together

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Our history

Over the years we have worked closely on a vast array of applications within many industries such as Construction, Marine, Automotive, Transportation, Signage & Graphics,  Electronics, Quarry & Mining, Architectural Cladding, Aerospace, Engineering & Manufacturing.  Our portfolio of products extends from 2 part structural acrylic adhesives to high performance double sided tapes and most things in between.

Our mission statement

We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations when proposing and delivering products to suit their needs. CTA will endeavour to provide immediate and ongoing technical support and a constant high level of service that the industry of today now demands.

Our location

We are a privately owned limited company, centrally located in the heart of England which enables us to respond quickly with regards to technical support and service.

While the majority of our tapes and adhesives are manufactured in the UK, we support our customers and distributors throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.