Medium strength thread locker 1226 blue

Medium strength thread locker 1226 blue, that cures anaerobically to lock all types of metal threaded fasteners. 1226 is designed for applications that require future dis-assembly with standard hand tools, and offers excellent temperature and solvent resistance once cured. 1226 is also thixotropic which aids assembly, by reducing the migration of the liquid adhesive following application. This grade can even cure rapidly on plated, oily metal, or inactive surfaces.

Sizes: 10ml, 50ml, 250ml

Viscosity: 2000 – 3000

Speed: 5-10 mins @ 25°C

Dispensing equipment available upon request

Medium strength thread locker 1226 blue applications

CTA 1226 Blue is well suited to a number of applications including:

  • Replacing lock washers and plastic inserts.
  • Locking machine tool access bolts.
  • Locking and sealing gear box and drive shaft bolts.
  • Securing conveyor roller bolts.
  • Locking bearing cover cap screws.

Medium strength thread locker 1226 blue preparation

  • For best results clean all surfaces with a cleaning solvent and allow to dry.
  • If the metal is inactive apply suitable CTA primer.
  • Shake the product thoroughly before application.
  • Apply the adhesive to the fixing position of the fastener or onto the internal threads of a blind hole.
  • Use suitable methods to assemble components, and tighten to required torque level.
  • Allow Medium Strength Thread Locker 1226 Blue to fully cure before applying load.

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