Encapsulant potting compound LED 67011

Our Encapsulant is perfect for LED bonding, electrical and instrument potting components such as water meters and small electric motors. Encapsulant potting compound LED 67011 is a two component, room temperature curing adhesive system.  Hernon Tuffbond 67011 sealant is a two component, 100% solid system, two to one ratio, room temperature cure system and is Continue reading

Non flammable activator 75

Hernon® EF Accelerator is a low toxicity, non flammable, non combustible, non ozone depleting, low volatile organic compound (VOC).  It is an accelerator, which improves instant adhesive fixture and curing performance.  Non flammable activator 75 is Eco friendly.  Through careful, meticulous Research and Development, our expert team of engineers, programmers, chemists and chemical engineers eliminate Continue reading

Pipe thread sealant dripstop 940

Pipe thread sealant dripstop 940 is a high-speed thread sealant for use on inactive metals such as stainless steel and aluminium used in chemical process piping. Dripstop 940 is formulated to cure without the necessity of a primer. Dripstop 940 has been shown to be compatible for use within diesel exhaust systems using DEF according to Continue reading